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Unleashing Impact Volunteerism in Global and Local Contexts

India@75’s (A CII’s initiative) Rethink Series # 3rd Event


The genesis behind the initiation of “Rethink Series” is to encourage new forms of dialogue, listening to new perspectives, and implementing novel forms of partnerships. For the first time at such an extensive scale the world is collaborating across sectors on critical challenges and building collective action to form effective solutions from response, relief and building resilience.

The Third event’s theme was ‘Unleashing Impact Volunteerism in Global and Local Contexts’ with its foundation was based on:

  1. The focus on concrete efforts done by key functional leads in their respective contours – for instance how the global volunteering portfolio is shaped by fellows bringing in their in-built skills, innovative knowledge and expertise
  2. Similarly, how local volunteering efforts are augmented through programmatic efforts conducted by private sector, civil society especially engaging with community’s place in Tier I, II and III cities.
  3. How crisis has fostered new collaborations across boundaries to reshape culture of volunteering
  4. Avenues of human capital support to vulnerable communities
  5. Key interventions to accelerate achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  6. Collaborations between grassroots Non-profits, civil society, business and citizens

Key Discussion Points:

  1. key elements that have also enhanced this collective action of helping one another
  2. Significant initiatives by entrepreneurs, practitioners on ground, individual as responsible citizens and private sectors employees to rebuild economy and society
  3. Areas of interventions that are required to be undertaken by business, grass roots organizations and citizens to speed up the sustainable development progress
  4. Impact based volunteerism to mitigate these challenges and emerge with concrete innovations and solutions
  5. Virtual Volunteering and How Human capital can support vulnerable populations

Mr. Deepak Diwvedi shared that need of the hour is to reach the rural communities and explore real-time solutions at the grassroots’ level and how Volunteerism will play a key role in India’s development as ‘AtmaNirbhar India’. He appreciated the work of India@75 (A CII’s initiative) in the volunteering space through their National Volunteering Grid Portal ( as a convergence platform by listing the volunteering opportunities with NGOs, Corporate Volunteering Programs across the country and database of Volunteers who wish to contribute their time and skills towards the nation-building activities.

After the success of Rethink Series which is a unique Audience-Engagement virtual series with exchange of thoughts and learning the best practices of volunteering globally, Mr. Deepak Diwvedi concluded the session as the Chief guest by announcing a partnership with India@75 (A CII’s initiative) and Nagrik Foundation’s SDG Choupal with Dainik Bhaskar as an Outreach Partner.

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