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The Banking Armoury

Ever since the beginning of civilization, we have always been surrounded by people who want to make the world a better place; where nobody has to go hungry, work in poor conditions, be afraid of assault or sleep in the cold. Sometimes individuals have even gone far enough to ensure that nobody should have his feelings hurt, of course with good intention. With the same goal of making this world a better place to live in, we find each other discussing the means to achieve our common paradise.

Amongst all this, a noble task of social engineering was conceptualized by Mr. Gursimran Singh Oberoi in November 2016 when Institute of Professional Banking was born to make the youth skilled & employable. Since the exchanging of this very noble idea with me to do something for society and always dreamt of making Indian youth employable we burnt mid night oil to bring smile on their faces & giving them options to work in a world class environment.

The Key challenge was to impart world class quality training in the functional areas of Banking, Insurance, and Finance which not only accelerates the manpower needs of the exponentially-growing Banking and Financial Services sector in India and abroad but also focuses on creating professionals. It’s a great honor that over 3350 students on completion of their training & orientation program have secured jobs with top financial institutions and banks as on 31.3.2022.

The latest technology and committed staff brought laurels to by enabling it to become the nerve center of Banking in India and the institute is keen to make its presence feel across the Indian subcontinent in the years to come continuing to tread on the mission-driven path of eradicating unemployment, providing a comprehensive and best of industry training and recruitment assistance through uniqueness in curriculum, fair practices, and professional approach.

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Nagrik Dialogue is the face of Nagrik Foundation’s communication skills that comes in the form of a monthly magazine. It will work as a bridge for those working at the grass roots level and those who support them in any form and manner.