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“We as individuals should start by acknowledging the work that must first take place within ourselves to make our families, our friendships and communities more whole. The Global Goals help us examine our own lives to identify the ways our lifestyles actually contribute to inequality, injustice, climate change, and extreme poverty around the globe.”

–Alison Carlman

Earth is 4.51 billion years old and it is ageing much quicker than before. The resources are being replenished and exhausted.It is need of the hour to take a minute and think of our responsibility and contribution to make the world a better and sustainable place.

Nowadays, the world is facing many challenges in the field related to poverty, environment, inequality, climate change etc.We as an individual must realize our responsibility and take action to solve these challenges. Each one of us working together will form army of change makers who are ready to bring innovation to fix the challenges and create a better sustainable tomorrow.

That’s why the United Nations in 2015 proposed the 17 SDGs Or Sustainable Development Goals to counter all the challenges, end poverty in the world and protect the planet so that by 2030 all people live with peace and prosperity. In this respect the relevant question is whether, do we practice the 17 SDGs in our daily life?

I feel fortunate to be studying at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School where students are given exposure to acquire knowledge and skills needed to promote Sustainable Development Goals at very younger age.Before we can create any change in the world, we must first change the way we look at the world. The actions we take, the type of things we buy, the way we think and interact with our friends and family- all these actions make an impact on the world for better or for worse. There are many things that I practice to implement the SDGs in my daily life for sustainable future.

I practice SDGs in my daily life by following these steps: –
• I save paper by paying my bills online.
• I segregate different wastes at home and send them for recycling like papers and plastic products.
• I use my kitchen waste to make compost which is used in my garden.
• I use Eco-Friendly products to prepare my School Projects and Assignments.
• I walk to nearby locations or take public transportation for shorter trips.
• I always carry jute/cloth bag when I go to market.
• I donate my old books, clothes, toys, shoes or other useful things to the needy people.
• I never waste food.
• I grow more and more plants to reduce the carbon footprints from the atmosphere and save the biodiversity of the planet Earth.
• I do conscious purchasing as per my requirement.
• I share values of empathy and generosity with my friends and families to build a more cooperative world.
• I save electricity and water by using them judiciously.

There are many things that all should contribute to a better and sustainable world on a daily basis. Everyone can try these small measures in daily life so that the next generation may not face any problems because of wasteful living of present generation. They would need a cleaner environment, a better way of thinking and different strategies to avoid the wrong and choose the right. Let us all decide to put an end to these ill practices and grow up further in our lives. With all due respect, I may request all my friends to contribute for the betterment of our lives and sustainable future.

Class 9
Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

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