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Strike it with Zeus Thunderbolt

‘YATO DHARMA, TATO JAYA’ is a Sanskrit shloka which appears 11 times in Mahabharata. It is one of the most inspirational phrases in Indian philosophy; the essence of Chanakya Niti and the Puranas. It also happens to be the guiding principle of the Supreme Court of India. It simply means ‘Dharma always wins’ or “Victory is where Dharma is”. Indeed it is the key phrase that underlines any victory or a winning strategy to pull out a nation from a crisis.

Prof. Deepak Dwivedi
Chairman, Chief Editor,
Dainik Bhaskar UP

We could think of it as the only way to ward off a crisis in a nonviolent way. Indeed Dharma does not belong to a particular sect, caste, race or religion. And the reason is simple. Around the world, all the communities, all faiths have only one Dharma: Be safe, be rational, be compassionate, be resourceful, be helpful and be happy!

Be it Rashtra dharma or National Dharma, Rajya dharma or Political Dharma or Jan Dharma or Public Dharma, each gives the same message, same guiding principles – all your actions must be directed to public welfare and should aim for the Universal good. It is the very basis of each individual’s success, It applies to all, be it a country, province, family or a Panchayat. All your actions would bear fruit and be successful only when you have imbibed all the cardinal principals of success – rationality, resourceful, compassionate, dignity and helpfulness!

Indeed one cannot praise the Indian prime minister enough for the way he has handled the situation to put a curb on the Corona Pandemic. He has controlled it with his strong actions. He has indeed set an example and created history. It is crystal clear that in his three addresses to the nation he has only reiterated cardinal principles of human welfare given in Ramayan, Gita, Bible, Quran and Guru Grant sahib. These principles guide us towards human welfare and inspire us to do good deeds.

The fact remains, that all Indians have actively supported Prime Minister Modi in the nationwide fight against the Coronavirus. Every Indian has joined the fight against the Corona with courage, conviction, discipline, and determination with all his might. He has cooperated in all his capacity despite hardships. Never in the history of this country, such an organized and disciplined effort was ever made for the cause of the country. The effort of the Indians and their unity to thwart this Pandemic has been praised across the world.

The prime minister of India has gone one step ahead and has taken cudgels in his hand to inspire and boost the morale of the world leader. He has talked to them several times. He has boosted their morale which even the big world organizations like the United Nations and Commonwealth could not do. The adoration and admiration for the prime minister around the world have only grown. The developed countries like the United Kingdom and the United States have now acknowledged him as their leader in this world crisis.

The country is witness that with his strong will power, strength, courage, and resilience Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi has left no stone unturned to save the lives of the countrymen. He always says that I am not a ruler, I am the first servant of the people and guardian of their interests. By working round the clock for the welfare of the people he has proved his every word right. To boost the morale of the people he has asked everyone to be prepared for a long fight ahead and ready to make sacrifices. No doubt India is fighting this battle as one. No one is alone. Social distancing is the only panacea against this disease.

The Corona warriors (our doctors and health staff) on the frontline are working hard to save lives. They are working in difficult conditions risking their own lives to save others. In his, every address prime minister has been saying that people are akin to God. And these very people have praised and appreciated the efforts of the – doctors, nurses, police, army personnel, journalists, government official, people’s representatives – in fact, all those who are on the frontline in the war against Corona.

Now let’s come to a serious topic. Not only in India but around the world there are many mythological stories about good and evil, demons and angels. The only way to deal with them is to fight to the finish. In all these stories the demons are defeated but lawfully. All the scriptures, lesser-known to the popular ones, agree on this. From ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ to ‘Bajrang Ban’, to ‘Ayatula kursi’ all agree that to kill the evil forces the Moral and Temporal forces must unite. From the historical perspective, the battle between Demons and Gods was fought in Ayodhya. In this war, the Gods took the help of the kings and with their help; they killed the demons which had become a danger for humanity.

You will have to keep in mind that snakelets can only spit venom. When they are fed milk (religious, social…) they will only grow stronger. They will bite and kill those who harbor them, who feed them or who trade them. They would kill everyone irrespective. This is a universal truth.

Only a few weeks back the Corona crisis was in control in the country. Prime minister appealed to the people to unite to end this menace. People of all religions – Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians and all other faiths adhered to his advice and cooperated with all their might. The country was about to write a new chapter in the religious harmony and cooperation. But unfortunately, some unscrupulous people in our society connived to thwart the nation’s effort to fight the Corona and made the situation worse.

If the news we are getting is right, these mindless people of the Tablighi community became human bombs and started contaminating others by mixing with them. These stupid and unscrupulous silently stabbed their community. It well smacks of a conspiracy to taint the whole Muslim community in the country. First, these unscrupulous Tablighis went out to kill their fellows. Then these murderers disgraced the Mosques.

They disrupted the prayers of the country loving loyal Muslims praying at their homes and brought dishonor to their people. Is this the teaching and message of the Tablighi community? The country wants to know if killing innocent people through their actions is part of the teaching of Tablighi teachings. My friend, my advice to these Tablighi community people is that they should at once stop their activities disgracing their religion.

Quran and Shariat are very clear on this. Oh, Muslims listen to your prophet. Remember the Quran says if there is a danger while you are offering Namaz, then first deal with the danger and then complete the Namaz. In Islam feeding the hungry and Zakat (donations) is considered a supreme duty. It warns that a true Muslim should never ask the caste or religion of the person he is feeding.

These rogue fanatic Tablighis have disrespected the teaching of such great scripture that is full of humanity and traditions. These vandals have done the same to the efforts of the Prime Minister and the country at large. In this scenario, one is tempted to be guided by the principle of Islam which says ‘An eye for an eye’ – death to the murderer but in a legit way!

These inglorious rascals must be given the harshest punishment possible in the law to set an example so that no one in the future dare disobeys the savior Prime Minister. The teaching of Islam is the voice of God. And it clearly says “I can pardon your sins you commit against me, but I will not pardon the sins you commit against my people”. All countrymen bow towards such scriptures which give only one lesson – Be humane, be compassionate. Dear friends, I will end this with an appeal to all my dear countrymen; let’s rise and unite and face the Corona menace like true foot soldiers of the Prime Ministers to win the war against the Corona.

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