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Three Social Foundations – IOD Foundation, Nagrik Foundation & ActionAid Association  join hands for good .

Three Social Foundations – IOD Foundation, Nagrik Foundation & ActionAid Association  have joined hands to pool together their competencies and networks to serve the common man in difficult times of COVID pandemic.

An MOU to this effect was signed by the three organizations on Tuesday 11 May, 2021 in New Delhi virtually .

The three organizations have committed to provide quality support to communities on ground for social development, healthcare, relief and livelihoods and other activities as defined under CSR in Schedule VII of the Companies Act. They will collectively plan site specific projects to deliver effective actions on the ground . To attain their ‘goal’ they will seek support from private, public and family owned companies for their support under Philanthropy & CSR interventions .

All programmes will be planned after thorough needs assessment and scientific planning of actions. Strict Monitoring and Evaluation will also be ensured . Preference will be given to projects identified by government agencies to support mass scale and impact .Projects will be executed in every part of the country specially supporting rural needs .

It is expected that by joining hands the three organizations bring in unique strengths and will provide all assistance in relief, settlement, healthcare, education, skills development and livelihoods .

Our commitment is to support communities on ground in these challenging times said Mr Reji K Mathew Secretary General IOD Foundation .

IOD foundation has been promoted by the ‘Institute of Directors’, to create awareness about CSR, and promote, motivate, activate and assist corporate, MSMEs and start-ups and individuals to discharge their responsibility to the underprivileged of the society and thereby promote inclusive development .

IOD Foundation is based on analysis of 30 years of experience of studying the corporate approach to CSR and the gaps and benchmarks for effective implementation.

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