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Positivity & Success Series “Ascend your Everest”

Plus Approach Foundation (PAF), a non-profit organization endeavours to develop Positive Eco-System, Positive Thinking & Positive Actions to have Progress, Prosperity, and Peace in society. PAF has successfully launched and worked on several projects such as a Positive Village, Positive school, Positive organization etc. for all-around development and transformation of society and organizations towards Positivity.

Under the guidance of Curator & Mentor Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak, PAF has started a monthly webinar series on Success, namely “Ascend your Everest: Yes, You Can “.

1st session on the Theme – “Positivity for Sustainable Success” was organized on 21st August 2020. The elite panelists for the session were,

  • Mr. Dipak Dwivedi, Chairman of Board & Chief Editor, Dainik Bhaskar, Noida also Founder Chairman SDGChoupal Global Initiative on Enabling Localisation of SDGs
  • Mr. C J Palmer, Founder, CEO, Sustainable mPactTM, Sweden
  • Mr. Prabhat Singh, MD & CEO, Petronet LNG Limited, India.

Dr Karnatak was the moderator of the Program. More than 100 participants from different industries, organizations, Civil societies joined the Program.

During the Program, Dr Karnatak explained the meaning and advantages of Positivity and the panelists shared their vast experience with real-life examples. They deliberated as to how the subject is relevant in today’s scenario and how the Positivity leads to personal and professional Success for any individual, who firmly believe in “Yes I Can“.

Mr. Dipak Dwivedi opined that Dr. Karnatak is a crusader of Positivity and it is taking the shape of a Positivity Movement, and we all should take Positivity Pledge to take the message to 130 Cr. population of India to enable them say “Yes, I Can”.

Dr. C J Palmer expressed his views that Positivity has to be like a campaign for Sustainable Success and staying Positive will be a cornerstone for the integral growth of the any country.

Mr. Prabhat Singh narrated the real-life stories from his vast professional experience where he encountered difficult situations which were overcome by himself and his team through Positivity. He asserted that “what ever he thought, he achieved” as a Positive Mantra for the youth and next generation.

 Dr. Karnatak also asked the panelists about their opinion to include SDG’ 0′ (Positive mindset) to accomplish SDG’s objectives, all the eminent panelists answered univocally in affirmation and mentioned it as an essential requirement in the current scenario of COVID and also in the long run for the sustainability of any individual or organization.

Some of the key takeaways from the Program are:

  • Chanting “Yes, I Can” morning and before sleeping will take our dormant potential of the individual.
  • Positivity transforms “Disable to Able & Able to Winnable.”
  • Positivity is a companion.
  • Positivity leads to Solutions.
  • Positive vibes are generated when you appreciate others and help someone in need.
  • Positivity helps in taking extra miles when people start writing off.
  • Positivity to be taught right from childhood.
  • Positivity enhances Zone of forgiveness.

At the end of the Program, which lasted for about 90 minutes, Dr. Karnatak thanked all the panelists, overseas and national participants, Media Partner (Dainik Bhaskar), Sustainability Partner (SDG Choupal and Sustainable mPACT) on behalf of PAF for their time and wholehearted participation and support.

He further added that Foundation has a vision of establishing “Positive & Success Academy “for next-generation enabling them to be a Winner & Successful and declared that on 2nd October 20, PAF would organize a webinar on “Gandhiji & Positivity”.

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