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Positive Aspect to counter Travesty of Corona Virus

‘Corona ko karo Bejaan Positivity De Isko Anjam’ 

Dr Ashutosh Karnatak  
Mentor Plus Approach Foundation  

“Positive Thinking, Positive Understanding and Positive Actions are the requirements of this hour –  Dr Karnatak.” 


Life is a journey and full of struggle. Positivity compliments every negativity. The night is followed by the day, Sweet by Sour, Yin by Yang etc. etc.. 

The epidemic of Corna virus has gripped the whole world. People are dying; travel has been stopped, As many countries have declared the state of emergency. China and Italy are the primary sufferers, but other countries like the US, Canada, Britain and India are approaching to stage 3 of the epidemic. Governments are struggling to manage the situation, but even in such trying time, a Positive person sees the ray of light in the darkness. 

Brief about Plus Approach Foundation (PAF) : 

PAF an NGO,( Objective to disseminate Positivity among masses ) observes  that “Thinking Positive & Positive Thinking” is the only panacea to this travesty. It would be enabling people to understand their responsibility and motivate them to encounter the depressed state on account of this pandemic. 

The doctrine of Positivity :

  • Positive affirmation: During the time of crises, People start seeing the brighter aspect of the issue and start visualizing that ‘This too Shall Pass’, A spurt of positive affirmation starts germinating in the mind of the people. 
  • Innovative actions to find a solution: Any adverse situation leads to the development of innovations to find a solution. Some of the indications are : 
  1. Developing a website to have real-time data of the pandemic  
  2. Developing field hospitals.  
  3. New test methods are being developed  
  4. Innovative Medical Remedies to find a cure 
  5. Best medical remedies: The US has started developing a new vaccine in the fastest way. 
  6. Technological advances in the field of testing and lab facilities to reduce testing time 
  7. New and Protective masks, gloves, protective clothing 
  8. Innovative and Easy to use disinfectant methods such as sanitizers, sprays, napkins, cream, get etc.  
  9. New techniques for fighting the adversity start emerging. 
  • Self-Exploration: People in the quarantine may use this time for self-exploration and Self-betterment practices.  
  1. Meditation
  2. Reading books 
  3. Entertaining by watching a favourite movie, Serial, documentary, sport etc. 
  4. Cultivating your habit of drawing, painting, writing, listening to music etc. etc. 
  5. Understanding the bigger purpose of life, 
  6. Writing diary about day to day experience 
  7. Practising Spirituality – Purpose of life, 
  8. Setting up / planning new goals
  9. Identification of stress factors and solution thereof  
  10. Identification of habits they need to change
  • Spending time with family & reconciliation of issues: This is an opportunity to bond with family by spending time together, playing with kids, eating together, a forced break from the blind race in the profession. It is an excellent time to discuss various family issues, helping your better half. Connect with to distant relative or friend, to whom you have not talked for years. It’s time to read good books, developing arts, doing meditation etc. 
  • Developing of winning approach: Any adversity inspires people to create a winning strategy, particularly in such a pandemic situation where all countries have to win over the situation and develop a winning approach. Invoke optimistic thoughts.  
  • Taking care & more time with parents: It’s a distinct positive aspect, which the nuclear families will experience. Due to busy schedule, old parents get less attention; they would be pleasantly surprised & happy. It will strengthen the bond if you be devoting more time with their parents.  

As per data, keeping the impact of this pandemic on older adults, governments like Ireland, US is going to open shops to make available and purchase their needs, opened the shop. It would also develop an empathetic attitude towards older adults

  • Change in habits by generations:(Habit, Behaviour, Culture): It would develop new habits among denizens for their development of the individual, which in turn be the behaviour and culture of the country. In the case of Corona Virus, the habit of adopting hygienic practices, extending greetings and concern for each other. The habit of enjoying time with family to increase family bonding etc. these habits will become part of your behaviour and then will impact the culture of the society in the long term.   
  • Enhancing servitude: Such period makes the citizens work closely to serve others, thus helping in improving servitude & bondage among the people, as everyone wants to win the war against the coronavirus. 
  • Students studying outside meet parents: Sudden and surprise holidays, studying abroad will be able to meet their parents. It would foster happiness among family members. Children could have a taste of choicest food.  
  • Immunity Level: It’s a God-given time to have a proper assessment of the immunity level as well as health assessment individual understands the immunity level (Health Assessment ). 
  • Hygiene & Cleanliness in cities: All the governments are getting a sense of Cleanliness and hygiene being promoted by our Prime Minister. It would develop a new order in cities also in villages. So it’s a significant Positive Impact. 
  • Connect, Collaboration & Care (CCC): Positivity among people to help others irrespective of caste, creed and colour leading to co-operation, collaboration and care among people. A new order of CCC would emerge.  
  • Enhancing a clean environment: Its an opportunity to have a clean environment due to reduction in travel land, air as well as water. It has been reported that most of the climate degrading is by the ship movement. It would further help in balancing the disturbed eco-system. We will have cleaner air in days to come.
  • Change in the approach of Media:  It is observed that media should now focused on the updation of the pandemic, analysis of data, discussions with doctors, publicity of precautionary measures etc. It would further inspire these houses in a change in approach to deal with the issue of the respective country. Media has the opportunity to showcase “Success Stories” of great people, having interviews with Top CEOs, Displaying a positive message on courage, resilience, success etc.  
  • Change in commercial attitude to the humanistic approach by doctors: It would rekindle the suppressed humanistic approach, which has become more profitable to run their medical profession. 
  • New Business opportunities: Somebody loss is someone’s gain. It’s an opened an opportunity for new business opportunities like mask manufacturing, Testing equipment, Sanitizers etc.  
  • Success by Multiple agencies: It’s a time to have synergy among the different organizations like hospitals, doctors, administrators, pharmaceuticals and people as everyone is aligned towards the goal and all of them wants to win a war. 
  • Time to unlearn and relearn: It’s an excellent time to reading good books, literature and for professionals to join developmental e-courses and in the process unlearn and relearn.  

Conclusion : 

This travesty is trying Humanity, their approach, patience, self-discipline, helping others, devotion and many other attributes. Let us be the winner by following the Doctrine of Positivity:

  • Accept the situation  
  • Strategies accordingly to have safety against this pandemic  
  • Use this time effectively for introspection and realization  
  • Be happy and Help others  
  • Time to improve family bonding  
  • This too shall pass 
  • New Order in the world is emerging 
  • Connect Care and Collaborate   
  • Humanity will win 



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