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Nurture Positivity and use your Mind Wisely to create a Healthy Environment During Covid-19

Dr Sangeeta Reddy at Amity Eminent Webinar-Gurugram August 21, 2020

The Corona virus Pandemic that has created a devastating impact on the economies of the nations around the world and continues to cause enormous anxieties and mental stresses need to be confronted with a mind tuned to positivity and hope during these testing times of great uncertainty said Dr Sangita Reddy, President FICCI and Joint Managing Director Apollo Group of Hospitals while delivering Amity Eminent Webinar Address organized by Amity University Gurugram today. The webinar was attended by over 2000 students, Vice Chancellors, Senior Semitists, Deans, HoIs and members of faculty from 10 Amity Universities in India and many more from abroad.

The Economic and social crisis caused by Covid-19 is undoubtedly the basis for the fear and enormous anxiety that covers everyone irrespective of economic prosperity or social order. It requires leadership that undertakes positivity and willingness to find solutions that can mitigate the ill-effects of the Covid Pandemic.  At the same time it is absolutely necessary to create a positive health environment around.

Addressing to over 1000 inspired youth connected to the webinar, Dr Sangita Reddy said “Your Mind is the most powerful force to empower you. It can take you to the heights of ecstasy or can enslave you and plunge you into the depth of misery if not used wisely. The most important thing you the young students are doing today is learning how to use this power of your mind wisely by filling it with the right knowledge and choosing the right path and right skills and capabilities”.  Let you overcome your fear and work together to create a better world than the one left behind before the Covid Pandemic, said Dr Reddy.

Today the humanity is grappling like never seen before. Generational medical crisis which has now become an economic crisis and also a social crisis. There are geo-political shifts and global friction. There is a manifestation of a burdening crisis all over the world. But then as it is said that the brightness of stars is in the darkness of night. As such it is also the time of great hope and to have great resilience to combat the impending threats of expansionist Covid, said Dr Reddy a crusader of affordable health care for all.

Sharing her experience of implementing a number of innovative initiatives in Apollo group of Hospitals, Dr Reddy said that the continuous quest to push the benchmarks of excellence and caring service to  humanity have made Apollo a class apart in the Hospitals in Asia.  The integration of latest advances in IT in health care services and the synergy between the advances in biomedical engineering and health care services have made India’s health care truly world class.

Lauding the efforts of Government of India in combating the Covid crisis, Dr Reddy said that the timely interventions of the Government have resulted into containing death rate below 3 percent and the recovery rate of over 72 percent. But we need still to win the battle as over 69000 cases are being added daily.

Invoking a sense of courage and commitment to fight the ongoing pandemic, Dr Sangita Reddy cited the courage and conviction with which the nursing professionals work in the isolation wards, giving their very best services often sacrificing their comfort and even risking their life. The youth of our country should emulate this exemplary courage and prepare themselves to serve the vast humanity with a caring concern for the last man in the society so that no one is left behind. Recalling the famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. This is the time to show our utmost care and concern for the suffering humanity and also to care for yourself at the same time.

Replying to a question from the audience as to how to remain positive mind and maintain a healthy environment when we are so pressed with online classes and other pressing engagements, Dr Reddy said that despite being busy you have to find time for yourself to refresh your mind and to connect to your soul. Answering another question on the power of prayers in the hours of crisis, Dr Reddy said that the prayers have a great healing power and they do wonders as they give solace to your mind as well. There were many other questions including the long-term effects of Covid-19 and overcoming the fear psychosis due to uncertainties. In her message to the youth Dr Sangita Reddy said that It is the defining moment for each one of us to decide how we want to live and lead our life. Have courage and faith in human capabilities to overcome the crisis and work with a positive mindset.

Founder President of Amity Education Group Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Chairperson Dr Amita Chauhan, Chancellor of Amity University Uttar Pradesh Dr Atul Chauhan, Chancellor Amity University Haryana Dr Aseem Chauhan, Dr Anupam Sibal Group Medical Director Apollo Hospital and President Global Association of Physicians of Indian origin  and DR MS Chaudhary Senior Consultant Internal Medicine at Apollo Hospital New Delhi were also present in the Webinar that was moderated by Prof PB Sharma Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana. Dr Sanjana Vij coordinated the webinar for which excellent IT support was provided by Dr JS Sodhi and his team.

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