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Narcotics Free India Summit 2020

National Youth council of India (NYCI), hosted a Narcotics free India Summit, (NFIS) on October 02, Gandhi Jayanti, 2020, virtually. In collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), UN75 and Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). The Narcotics Free India Summit was dedicated to the Youth struggling with drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. The discussions were mainly highlighting the cause and solutions to the core issue, addiction and it’s control.

Dr. Amar Prasad Reddy, President, National Youth council of India, in his Presidential address he quoted, “After the Virtual Summit, NYCI team is going to work on the field and will continue the Mission Shuddh Bharat, Narcotics Free India Movement. Along with the discussions during the summit, we’ve also inaugurated 17 de-addiction centres across 17 state headquarters of NYCI. NCB, Narcotics Control Bureau, India, has been a great support in the terms of resources and data, I would especially like to thank the Government of India, and Our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi Ji, for their tremendous leadership and support’’.

“The Drug abuse not only destroys a person’s Physical and the mental health of the consumer, but also the family and economic resources”, said Dr. Datchanamoorthy Ramu, National General Secretary, National Youth council of India at his Co-Presidential Address, he also added, “The Movement, Narcotics Free India, is going to have an extremely fantabulous effect on the issue of drug abuse and no better people, other than the Youth of the country can initiate and lead this movement, for eradicating drug abuse amongst the Youth itself .”

NFIS 2020 was a One – day Virtual Summit with four esteemed Panels and Eight Keynote Sessions with eminent speakers from the Government, Experts, Policymakers and Social Activists. In the Summit, Narcotics Free India Movement was launched by the Chief Guests, the Movement aims to create a massive impact on Society regarding Narcotics, it also includes an online Pledge platform. Narcotics Free India Ambassador program, which Aims to involve 50,000 Youths across India in the “Mission Shuddh Bharat”. During the Summit National President , NYCI will Inaugurate the Virtual Youth Counselling Centre in 17 states of India.

The Chief Guests for the Summit are,
Sh. Ashwini Kumar Choubey,
Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India,
Sh. G. Kishan Reddy,
Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Government of India,

and Special Guest for the is none other than Actor and
Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Sh. Suresh Gopi.

Drug addiction or drug abuse is a widespread and critical problem not only for the Western countries today, but has emerged as one of the major point concerns for Indian society as well. India, today, has not only become a key transit of drugs, but also a large consumption centre.

Narcotic drugs are psychotropic products which produce feelings of pleasure, strength, superiority, reduce hunger and lessen inhibitions. Opium, Marijuana, heroin (smack), morphine, pethidine, cocaine and cannabis such as charas, ganja and bhang are all narcotics. They are either smoked, sniffed or injected. Hallucinogens, as the name suggests, produce distortion of perception, example LSDs. Cigarettes, bidis, cigars, snuffs, tobacco etc and Nicotine, the frequent use of which can cause heart attack, lung cancer or bronchitis.

The use of illicit and prohibited drugs, today, is not just confined to street urchins and lower classes, but is fast spreading to middle and upper class youths of the society.

The Chief Guest of the Summit, Honorable Minister, Sh. Ashwini Kumar Choubey, quoted, “Contaminants such as drugs and alcohol present serious health challenges. The use of elicited drugs is a serious concern, with the younger generation particularly vulnerable to this threat. Easily being lured into taking drugs, which is serious. The use of drugs related to excitement, curiosity or behavior is giving rise to crime. “, And

“I urge employers to implement an effective drug prevention program at the workplace. This will also help increase their productivity.”

‘’The Government of India has Zero tolerance against these narcotics and Psychotropic substances’’ said Sh. G. Kishan Reddy, Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, and he also mentioned about, ‘’The conference held by Union Ministry at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, by Sh. Amit Shah ji, which highlighted 272 districts across India, for Drug Addiction amongst colleges and students. I want to congratulate the National Youth Council of India and Wish them all the Success for The campaign To free India from Narcotics’’.

‘’This is the right time to start this National Youth Movement, (Mission Shudhh Bharat), yes this is exactly the right time for it.’’ our Special Guest, Sh. Suresh Gopi, Actor and MP, said, also he said, ‘’ We need to protect the entire living community from this, Film Industry is not the only area maligned through drug abuse, I want request the Government of India, to clean up the key areas of this issue, the suppliers, the origins of Drugs into our Country’’.

National Youth council of India (NYCI), is the world’s largest youth Platform focusing on the theme, “Young people are the heart to solutions and pushing them towards becoming the agents of their own development. NYCI is leading the wave of change and youth empowerment in India and is doing everything in its power to bring a significant impact on the youth and working towards the dream of India becoming a superpower, a reality.”

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