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Moment of National Pride – Bhumi Pujan of Lord Rama Temple

Kulpati Prof PB Sharma
VC Amity University

The epitome of great personal integrity,
The ardent follower of truth and righteousness;
The greatest crusader of welfare and wellbeing,
Of one and all. Yet the arch enemy of evil;
And those engaged in making people suffer,
Lord Rama, the greater personality of Sanatan Vedic Dharma.

Deprived he was, of his legitimate place of Birth,
The barbaric Babar and his tyrant Mughals;
Demolished the palace of his father, his birthplace,
And made a filthy mosque to add to insult and
Injury of millions for whom Lord Rama was their Saviour.

It took 500 years of constant chase,
Even legal battle of 70 years;
To get back the birth place of Lord Rama,
For the Lord and  for the people of India;
To raise a monument of great National Pride,
The  Rama Temple of Ayodhya.

It was to happen on the 5th of August, 2020,
At 12:40 PM in the august presence of
Saints and Sages from all over India 
Of all faith and divine traditions,
Who gathered there to witness this great moment
And share their joy with billions who watched it online around the globe.

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi
Performed the Bhumi Pujan and received the,
Blessings of Lord Rama and Lord Hanumana;
Along with the blessings of Millions of
Indians, 1.35 billion here in India,
And many more around the world.

This moment of great national pride
Shall be recorded in human history,
As the Triumph of Truth, the Great Victory
Of Righteousness over evil.

And a Great lesson for those,
Who believe that a lie repeated
Millions of times becomes the truth;
It never does, and will never do, would tell the history now.

But let it be known that this
Moment of great national pride,
Is not just for Hindus alone for whom
Lord Rama is an avatar of God Almighty.

But for all Indians, Hindus, Christians,
And Muslims of India and of Indian origin around the world;
For Lord Rama and Lord Krishna,
Are the ancestors of all Indians, no matter what faith we follow now.

By changing your religion, you do not negate your ancestry
Nor should you  loose your connect
With your culture and your history,
As it is the culture and the history
That is timeless and shall ever remain,
The testimony of your present and
Your connect to the glorious past.

Surprised I was, when found that
Muslin of Indonesia and Malesia
Perform Ram Leela and have retained,
Their Sanskrit names even after
Becoming Muslims and citizens of a
Muslim country that Indonesia and Malesia are today.

At Amity University Gurugram
In a Ramayana conference the Muslim professors,
From Indonesia, Malaysia, Java and Sumatra;
Spoke with great reverence about Lord Rama,
And took pride in Ramayana and Mahabharat and other Vedic texts.

For them their  glorious past was a
Matter of pride and as they took up,
Islam as their religion, did not
Leave their cultural connect to Indian Vedic heritage.

Here in India, the unfortunate
It is that those who got converted to
Islam or Christianity Disconnected with their ancestry!
And the glorious culture of their ancestors,

That once made
India the wonder that it was.
It is most unfortunate that for them the world began
With Islam and  Christianity!

Not realizing that they are
The Legitimate heir of the legacy of,
The Rich Cultural and Philological heritage of India
As much as we  the Hindus are.

Some time I wonder that
If Indian Muslims our Christian brothers,
Could have been like their counter parts
In Indonesia and Malaysia then,
India would have been a country
Of great cultural and religious harmony.

But still not too late to awaken
All our Indian brothers and sisters
To this dire need to create
An eternal sense of belonging.

To the great culture that
Produced  Maryada Purusottam Lord Rama,
The Yogiraj   Lord Krishna, the
Enlightened Budhha, the greatest guru
Gurunanak ji and the Tirthsankar Lord  Mahavira.

Let this moment of great national pride
Be the historical turning point to create,
A new India of religious harmony and peaceful coexistence
So important today as never before.
Jai Sri Ram

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