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ISRN’s Zeal for Sewa during Covid-19

India’s Voluntary Sector joining hands in fight against Corona

While the world and nation is dwindling to contain the Covid-19 and its impact, Government and other institutions have come forward in this battle against coronavirus including voluntary organizations. Since the lockdown, ISRN as a network based organization is striving to provide relief to people who are the most affected by the emergency situation such as migrant workers, needy ones who were surviving on daily wages. The organization is also active to support Government and the frontline functionaries through their varied initiatives. These initiatives are detailed below.

The lockdown impacted every group of society however, the most affected were the labourers, daily wage earners, migrant workers who faced more challenges in terms of basic amenities in such tough times. ISRN distributed groceries, food, dry ration, sanitization kits to the needy ones especially migrant workers in slum and industrial areas of Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. 1200 people have been helped so far through this initiative. For the safety of the people during COVID-19 pandemic, 30000 masks were distributed by ISRN in Kanpur, as an initiative, to contain the spread of corona virus. 1200 people were also reached out and distributed masks in slum areas of Ghaziabad.

Further, ISRN took steps to create mass level of awareness generation through Social Media platforms regarding Covid-19. In times when people are doubtful and afraid, it’s really important to project correct and complete information among masses from authentic sources like Govt. websites. The organization urged to stay at home and follow the guidelines through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via Mail as well. ISRN also mobilized its member organizations across the country to take up initiatives regarding Awareness Generation, Distributing Essential items and Preventive Kit and Surveillance to reach out to maximum people.

Frontline functionaries such as doctors and health workers, police etc are working round the clock risking their lives to fight the virus and save lives. The organization has taken initiative for the protection of health workers via supplying 50 PPE kits to KMGC. ISRN also distributed 200 hot water flask and 60+ tiffins to ensure their good health. ISRN also created a Volunteer Reserve Force (VRF) a platform where almost 5000 volunteers from almost 29 States and UT’s have already registered. ISRN is also working to improve surveillance to support the Government in tracking cases.

In order to understand the ground realities of varied geography of India, ISRN organized several Dialogues with Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe where 150 Voluntary Organizations of four states namely, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, North-East and Uttrakhand participated to discuss the challenges, response and solutions of Covid-19.

The VOs (members and non-members) have carried out various initiatives and relief work in the situation of lockdown and Covid-19 to help affected people and family. These initiatives are compiled and documented in “Glimpse of Sewa Warriors Initiatives” by ISRN, wherein it will provide a holistic picture of the activities carried out to support people and government during lockdown.

ISRN in collaboration with Taa Music is working to raise funds to support the vulnerable and most affected groups due to Corona pandemic and lockdown. We appeal to organisations and citizens of India to come forward and contribute for nation and its people.

ISRN is a part of a Global COVID-19 Networkin collaboration with Sambodhi and University of Washington has organized webinar on Covid-19 Pandemic: Preparedness, Mounting Responses; Diagnostic Testing; Vaccines; role of Institutions and other such topics” where esteemed speakers shared their experiences, learning and insights. Participants from across the world- Italy, Cambodia, UK, USA, China- participated in this webinar. We had a reach of 172,610+ people through Zoom, Facebook live streaming. The objective behind these webinar is to reach out to maximum people to increase awareness and prepare for responses against covid-19. These knowledge exchange will help in bridging the gaps and challenges while also help in learning through other country’s experiences.

ISRN will continue to support through their initiatives in the fight against corona and believed that together we can and we will win over the pandemic.

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