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Inter School Climate Change Conference 2020

Interschool Climate Change Conference was organised by Shining Star International School on 22nd October 2020 on a virtual platform. Eleven schools participated in the Climate conference, wherein ten schools were from UAE and one of the school was from India.

Mrs Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon –Principal of Kamla Nehru School- Phagwada –Punjab witnessed the conference as the chief guest.

RTN. Sandeep Saxena -Global Convenor- SDG Choupal and Director of Rotary Youth Services also attended the conference as the guest of honour.

This Inter School Climate Change Conference was made possible by the efforts of Mrs. Abhilasha Singh, Principal, Shining Star International School, Mrs. Anita Singh, Vice Principal, Shining Star International School and Mrs. Anju Mehta, Head Mistresss, Shining Star International School, Mr. Shelaj Kant, PGT Chemistry, Shining Star International School, Ms. Asha Sasi, Coordinator Primary Section, Shining Star International School

The anchor of the Conference was Mridhula Rajesh and Introduction to Inter School Climate Change Conference was given by Mohammed Kamran Ulla

In the conference following topics were discussed –

  1. Climate Change, Forest and Water-
  2.  Neha Noushad & Hareen Iftikhar from New Indian Model School, Sharjah
  3. Bharanitha Nandhakumar and Aiswarya Shyjith from Private International English School, Abu Dhabi
  • Climate Change and Food Security-
  • Kashaf Horain and Alina Naviwala from Shining Star International School, Abu Dhabi
  • Climate Change and Agenda 2030-
  • Biya Eldo by Sunrise English Private School
  • Renewable Energy to mitigate Climate Change-
  • Navneet Suresh Nair and Sambuddha Pal from Abu Dhabi Indian School, Alwathba
  • Arjun Saji Prabhakarakurup from Abu Dhabi Indian School, Muroor
  • Evidence of Climate Change.
  • Aishi Das and Niya Jijesh from Model School , Abu Dhabi
  • Mehak Aysha Suhin from Abu Dhabi Indian School,Muroor
  • C.Jose Alwinraj and Tashya Arun from Dunes International School, Abu Dhabi
  • Climate Action Project- Importance & Some Potential Solutions.
  • Anshuman Nagpal and Naimi Kirron from Pathways World School, Aravali(India)
  • Sustainability and Climate Change.
  • Venkal Pranav Katarru and Rakshitha Ramanujam Radha from Ryan International School, Abu Dhabi
  • Poem on Climate Change by Ronit Mathew, SDG Global Changemaker

The following points were the highlights to show how climate change is affecting us in our daily lives

  • Hydrogen can be used as Renewable energy
  • Renewable energy is sustainable energy and hence will not run out
  • 50% increase in lighting strikes by 2030
  • Avg increase of temperature by degree and the past 5 years have been the warmest
  • 10 billion tonnes of carbon emissions per year which has to be reduce
  •  Since 1912, 80 % of the snowcaps have melted in mount Kilimanjaro
  • There is a great chance that Himalayan Glaciers may vanish by 2035
  • Oceans heating has doubled since 1992 and the heating is reaching deeper waters
  • There is a change in the migration patterns by birds and some fishes move from warmer waters to different areas
  • By 2050 temperatures will increase by 1.5 to 2 degrees if we do not mitigate the problems
  • 1 in 6 species are in danger of extinction. It has already begun
  • In India 52% of wells in India show a fall in the ground water level
  • Two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef have bleached
  • Two thirds of food is lost and wasted from Farm to garbage

It was a pleasure to see the students from different schools aware of the need of the hour regarding climate action.

All the participants shared their views, concerns and suggestions on the above mentioned topics. The discussion lead to a vision and a thought provoking conclusion regarding the CLIMATE CHANGE that we all are witnessing as the part of Global Community.

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