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Guinness World Record Created By Painting World’s Bubble Wrap

The painting measures 16.01 m² (172.33 ft²).

Motive behind this achievement and artwork is to widen aspirations and inspire the next generation to continue pursuing their passions like the notable personalities and to help the families in India facing difficulties as a result of Covid-19, as well as those orphaned due to the deadly virus, through registered Indian charities and the team wish to donate to the PM Cares Funds in India.

Nachiket Joshi, Youth Leader & Social Worker, SDGChoupal (flagship initiative of Nagrik Foundation) Youth Ambassadorinspired and generated the idea behind the artwork and is organising the event for this noble cause.

The artists’ team from Creative Art Campus is led by Jignesh Patel, Akshay Pandya & Yash Patel.

Ms. Khushboo Shah is leading the other volunteer team and managing coordinations.The team worked with 45 volunteers in London to complete the painting which they inaugurated in June this year. It took the team 4 months to complete the gigantic artwork. 

“We are overwhelmed to have achieved the world record. The artwork features Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, he is a global leader and has shown himself as a saviour to the world particularly in this pandemic situation by helping almost 100 countries with vaccines. He is the most popular leader across the globe. He has been successfully running the world’s largest and fastest vaccination campaign in India and has achieved 150 crore plus milestone. This is our way of showing him respect for what he has done for the world. The other notable personalities in the artwork are Ratan Tata, Bill Gates and JK Rowling, they came forward when needed and helped the world during the pandemic situation. Ratan Tata donated almost $220 million towards Covid crisis in India. Bill Gates foundation donated more than $1 Million and committed an amount of $4 Million for R&D in India during Covid. JK Rowling donated almost £1 million through various Indian charities to help Covid struck families in India. We have chosen these heroes to inspire the younger generation so they can become like them. We are glad to have created history and achieve the world record. We plan to meet these notable personalities featured in our artwork personally and gift this painting to our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi”, said Nachiket Joshi.

“The painting has been worked on in different venues in London and many members of the public joined in and injected a few bubbles. Each participant had a separate area to practise on before injecting the main piece of art. All participants may receive a Guinness World Record certificate. It took me 300 bubbles per hour, and I have practised significantly! There were around 200,000 bubbles to fill so teamwork played a crucial role. Our volunteers have done an incredible job.” said Jignesh Patel.

Similarly, Mr. Jignesh Patel was a part of 15 member group who cycled a total of 123 kilometers from London to Brighton and raised funds for charity in May this year. The group bought oxygen concentrators and donated it across India. He has earlier successfully broken 4 world records performing different forms of painting.

Mr. Vijay Goel, Senior Partner at Singhania & Co and Chairman Indo-European Business Forum, has been supporting and promoting the project in UK. “I am very excited about this project as it portrays Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and promotes his achievement for the country. The team led by Nachiket& Jignesh has been working voluntarily and doing a great job for a noble cause and I fully support them.”  said Mr. Vijay Goel

“Our team of volunteers have helped us complete the painting. We have injected bubbles across the bubble wrap using 200 shades of liquid wall paint, with syringes. Each bubble is numbered which corresponds to a particular shade of paint. Approximately 200,000 bubbles have been filled in total. The work was completed in separate pieces which has been assembled together and will be displayed as a large 15 square metre painting. We had to ensure that the bubbles are filled with the right colour and not damaged, which we have successfully done. I am really excited that our efforts were successful and look forward to helping the Covid victims.” said Yash Patel.

“These notable personalities inspire us to do more, to live our best life and to go after what our heart desires. More than anything, they inspire us to have and pursue our passion in life. My guru, His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj, lived by his life motto ‘In the joy of others, lies our own’. This spirit and these values motivated us to embark on this project.” said Akshay Pandya

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