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Dialogue to be hosted in United Nations Plaza, New York

Youth of India is a Youth led movement, evolved from the successful and innovative campaigns hosted by Youth of Siliguri, since 2015. Youth of India is weaved out of Youth of Siliguri, which has been appreciated at United Nations for its innovative campaigns. Its vision build the world’s largest apolitical, inclusive movement for engaging, empowering and evolving youth to propel for the 100th centenary of India’s Independence in 2047. The movement is initiated by the young people, which is of the young people and working for the sustainable practises for the people in the country. The movement aims to bridge the gap of talents of the young people and the platforms needed to showcase their talent. As a team, it tries to incorporate the sustainable practises and solutions from the NRIs abroad and connect it to the much-needed areas.

Sailesh Singhal, Founder, Youth of India

We organize several grassroots and national advocacy campaigns in 10 states engaging at least 200 young people every week. We work for all the SDG’s but through a Gender Lens. Since most of our campaigns are at the grassroots level, we would like to share the in-depth analysis of the grassroots reality of social protection systems and how far have they reached and implemented. Also, would love to share about the public services and the infrastructure and how sustainable is the same especially for young girls and women.

On March 2019, along with Global Girl Power Foundation we are hosting a conversation in United Nations Plaza, New York on Mental Health: Break the silence to reduce inequalities and promote social inclusion at CCUN during the 63rd session of the Commission on the status of Women forming part of the official NGO CSW63 Forum side event. The other organisation supporting this conversation are UN Women India, Man Up Campaign, Together for girls and Rozaria memorial trust.

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Nagrik Dialogue is the face of Nagrik Foundation’s communication skills that comes in the form of a monthly magazine. It will work as a bridge for those working at the grass roots level and those who support them in any form and manner.