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COVID-19 & India’s Effort

During the time of covid crisis countries faced unpredictable and unprecedented amount of problems, however we are delighted by the government measures and their needful actions at the time of deadly situation which genuinely rescued nation from unseen damage and controlled the cases in a colossal way by this act many other countries have given heartiest appreciation to India for aremarkable achievement in refraining the virus spread.For controlling and helping government during this pandemic situation, several social organizations, corporate sectors along with many dynamic donators have come across and stood in this dark times with the country, which shows complete generous and loyalty towards nation citizens and we can’t thank them enough for their deed.Social organization and corporates helped and reached the destitute groups from rural and urban areas by rendering them with necessities items and donating in PM cares fund.

A live chat series with experts, fifth series on “COVID-19& India’s Effort” was held on 2nd July 2021 organized by the Indian Social Responsibility Network (ISRN). This series was done as part of ISRN’s social and awareness initiative, Clear Your Doubts about COVID-19. Key speakers in the series webinar include Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, M.P., Rajya Sabha, President, ICCR; Sadhvi Rithambara Ji, Founder, Param Shakti Peeth&Vatsalyagram. The series was organized in association with program partner SDG Choupal, Nagrik Foundation, Nalini Foundation, Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad, SugujaGyanodaya Association, SadbhavanaGramin Vikas Sanstha; academic partner Central University of Jharkhand and Media Partner Dainik Bhaskar.

The series was conducted on the Zoom platform and was live on ISRN’s YouTube and Facebook pages. The series saw the live participation of over 400 people from different cities, organizations and universities.

The program started with a warm welcome to all the speakers and participants by CEO of ISRN Mr. Santosh Gupta. He explained about the objectives of ISRN behind organizing this series and invited Dr. Diksha for a presentation. Dr. Diksha gave a brief about the earlier four series and concluded the presentation by summarizing the previous sessions. He then invited Dr. Subhash Hira for sharing his thoughts on Global Context.

Dr. Subhash Hira, MD, MPH, Professor of Global Health, University of Washington greeted the distinguished key speakers. He talked about the Global context in comparison to India’s efforts by mentioning about the initial phase of coronavirus across the world & how India took the brave decision to initiate lockdown to protect its citizen from the unprecedented coronavirus. He further talked about the various countries & its trade relationship with China that got affected due to the ongoing pandemic. Even the smallest countries like Brazil and its population were inflicted. Israel is the only smallest country who has already vaccinated 90% of its citizens.

This was followed by Mr. Santosh Gupta, sharing information on India’s efforts and best practices through a presentation, in which he explained about infrastructure and development, clinical treatment, engagement of human resources, India as a key player at Global platform and special relief benefits for masses. He said that Central Government procured and manufacture 97381 ventilators last year during first wave and a total of 850 oxygen plants are being set up in various district of the countries from pm cares fund during second wave. The medical infrastructure was expanded with 2084 Corona Hospital, 4043 Corona health care centre and 16 lacs isolation beds and 93000 ICU beds. India becomes the number one country in vaccination administration as of 2nd July 2021 the total vaccination dose is administered  34,00 76,232 and having recovery rate of 97.01 %, ICMR has approved India’s first covid-19 self testing kit. Armed forces played a primary role in providing aid to Civil authorities with 51 armed forces hospitals prepared for covid-19. The Aatmnirbhar Bharat Mission was launched as a result of crisis caused by covid-19 pandemic in 2020 India exported more than 20 million PPE kits and 40 millionsN-95 masks.In 2021 India produced its own homemade vaccine and became the world largest vaccine manufacturer. A special economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore was announced by central government and under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana government extends free food grain scheme till November for 80 crore beneficiaries. After this, Santosh Gupta cordially invited the first speaker Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe to present his views.

Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, MP, Rajya Sabha, Chairman, ICCR, in his address, discussed in detail about the government and public health system to overcome Corona. He said that at a time when the country was struggling with the lack of hospital beds for critical patients, lack of oxygen and shortage of essential medicines, the government’s strong will and determination, the service spirit of health workers, the cooperation of social organizations, industrial with the help of medical equipment received from institutions and the cooperation of the general public of the country during Covid-19, the country got control of the seriousness of the situation in a very short time. He explained to the people in detail about the seven main points to combat Covid-19 such as Public Health, Public Participation, Lok Sambal, Lok Culture, Public Structure, Public Protection and People’s Resolution to promote Covid-19 friendly behaviour.

Didi Maa Sadhvi Rithambara Ji, Founder, Param Shakti Peeth&Vatsalyagram expressed about  the covid’s impact on behaviour practices of people and promote positive psychological well-being. She emphasized collective responsibility to keep safe and fight this pandemic and further conveyed about Government’s efforts and their commandable work while the compassion & empathy shown by the people to help each other and fight against  covid-19.

The session concluded by Mr. Samudra Naskar, Program Manager, ISRN with a vote of thanks to all the panelists and participants for being a part of this webinar and especially the ISRN team (Ms. Shruti Sharma, Mr. Aman Dhingra, Ms. Rupal, Dr. Diksha, Ms. Udita, Mr. Nikhil etc.) for their effortsand hard work in making the series “Clear your Doubts: Live Chat with Experts” a huge success. The whole series was coordinated by Ms. Shruti Sharma, Program Officer, ISRN

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