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Amity University Gurugram Excels in R & D and Patent Filing during COVID-19 Lockdown

Kulpati Prof PB Sharma

At a time when the fear of performance and uncertainty is looming large due to Corona Crisis the research driven faculty members at Amity University Gurugram have demonstrated exemplinary performance in respect of R & D and patent filing for their innovative inventions and technologies. According to Vice-Chancellor Prof PB Sharma as many as 455 Quality Research Papers, 57 Book chapters and 42 Industry and Society relevant patents have been filed by faculty members of Amity Gurugram during the COVID-19 Lockdown period from March 1 to June 15th, 2020. What more the highest impact factor publications include research papers of Impact Factor 13.2 by Dr Arun Kumar of Institute of Pharmacy, Impact factor 12.8 by Dr Ujjaini and Impact Factor 9 by Dr Deepa Suhag of Institute of Biotechnology. The  Impact Factor of 13 is considered quite high in Scientific publications.

But it is not the research publications alone, the 42 patents filed by Amity University Gurugram also include a few highly impactful parents such as the patent on “Gular Extract for Liver Cancer treatment” by Dr Saurabh Bhatiya, Prof PB Sharma, Dr Viveak Ballyan and team. This patent was originally filed as provisional and after laboratory trials has been filed as completed patent. The laboratory results not only point to significant improvement into alcohol induced hepato toxicity in liver but also resulted into significant boost of immunity of wistar rates, says Dr Bhatia the team leader from Amity Institute of Pharmacy. Further trials are under way to ascertain full facts.

Likewise, the completed patent by Dr Vimal Kishore of Biomedical Engineering at AUH on “Preparing Red Blood Cells from Stem Cells” is a path breaking invention that will revolutionise blood transfusion as being donor free and also avoids any chance of infected blood transfusion. Yet another patent in the area of nanotechnology by Dr Monica Vats, Dr Jyotsna Sharma, Dr SK Sharma and Dr Arvind Chhabra and team refers to Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Anti-dust clothing with self-cleaning property. This patent holds great importance as Goddess Sita during the Ramayana times was presented with a pair of dress by Vedic Sage Devi Ansuyya at Chitrakoot that had Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Anti-dust and self-cleaning properties. This was the dress Goddess Sita ji wore for 14 years in the forests during Lord Rama’s exile and even in Sri Lanka and protected herself from any microbial and insect attacks in the Aranayyas, the forests of India and Sri Lanka. Scientific evidence-based inventions like these are the way forward to fight out the Covid crisis that needs antimicrobial clothing for PPEs and Face Masks as also to bring the added pride in Scientific heritage of our ancient civilization that finds its fullest of expressions in Ramayana and Mahabharta times.

Apart from high impact patents filed by the faculty, funded R & D has seen an all time high at Amity University Gurugram. During Covid-19 lockdown period the faculty of AUH has received awards of 12 R & D projects from ICMR, DST & DBT for a total value of Rs 4.78 Crores. This brings the total R & D projects at AUH to 64 high impact  R & D projects of total value of RS 35 Crores, says Prof PB Sharma, Vice Chancellor Amity University Gurugram, Haryana.

Funded R & D aligned to national priorities and outcome focused research in the surest way to improve quality of education and to empower India with advanced science and technology capabilities. At Amity university as the research and innovations culture is percolated right down to UG levels, thus providing students all the opportunities to engage in cutting edge research and develop innovations that significantly boost their employability.

 Expressing his deep appreciation of the great work done by faculty in respect of R&D, Research Publications and Patents filed, Hon’ble Chancellor AUH Dr Aseem Chauhan said “The faculty at Amity University Gurugram work in a mission mode to contribute significantly to India’s science and technology capabilities and I am truly delighted that even during COVID lockdown they have given their exemplinary performance. At Amity we are fully committed to Nation building and also to protect the welfare and well being of our faculty staff and students”.

Amity University being a research and innovation driven university lays a great emphasis on integration of education with research and is driven by the vision of Founder President Dr Ashok K Chauhan that puts science and technology research and innovation in the forefront of educational philosophy of the Amity Education Group. No wonder with its thrust on cutting edge innovations & outcome focused R & D, Amity University as a group have filed over 1200 patents and published over 15000 research papers and earned the repute of being  India’s number one private university having strong national and international collaborations placing India into a highly advantageous position in respect of higher education and research, says eminent academician Prof PB Sharma who has been the Founder Vice Chancellor of Delhi Technological University and Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal.

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