Nagrik Dialogue


Under its media capacity building initiative, Nagrik Foundation has achieved a high level of media engagement in India while creating a sharp reportage across multiple platforms, including print and social media focused on social issues including Routine Immunization.

With the help of satellite technology, leading journalists based in Delhi sensitized media persons and district officials in rural areas to improve their understanding of issues coming in the way of growth of women and children.

Such interactions have helped in clearing misconceptions about the vaccine programmes and focused on the need for taking steps to end atrocities against children and women. The Foundation’s digital technology has been helping it in devising new methods of establishing connections in areas where many gaps in the field of education, health and rights awareness remain. It is an attempt to bringing about a positive difference in such areas, which are left out in the communication pool.

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Nagrik Dialogue is the face of Nagrik Foundation’s communication skills that comes in the form of a monthly magazine. It will work as a bridge for those working at the grass roots level and those who support them in any form and manner.